Affiliate marketing is an English term and is also known in German as Partner Marketing. Simply explained, the point here is that an advertiser (affiliate, advertiser) makes appropriate advertising for a seller (vendor). If a certain action is achieved, for example a purchase, the affiliate receives a commission.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

ffiliate marketing always works in a similar way. He provides a vendor (for example Amazon) for the affiliate program. Everyone who registers for this program gets unique links, the so-called partner links, which he can distribute in any way. For example, a partner link can be integrated into a website. If a user then clicks on the partner link on the website and carries out a specified action (purchase, click, entry, etc.), the advertiser receives a pre-determined fee.

If the user does not buy immediately or carry out another action, the user is usually not completely lost. In affiliate marketing, a so-called cookie is often set for the user. Via this cookie, the vendor can also determine at a later point in time which affiliate brought the buyer to him.

However, such a cookie is not valid forever. Most vendors work with a cookie runtime of 1 to 90 days. If the user only buys on the 91st day, this sale would no longer be assigned to you.

What do you earn with Affiliate Marketing?

For every action you take, you will receive a pre-determined fee. In affiliate marketing we also speak of a commission. This can be a fixed amount, but often it is a fixed percentage. What you earn in the end often depends on how much your users spend at the vendor.

Why rely on Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing offers the opportunity to earn money in many different ways and platforms quite uncomplicated. You don’t have to have your own product or invest money first, which is why affiliate marketing is a low risk way to earn money and can be implemented by anyone.

Affiliate marketing is also very popular with vendors. In contrast to marketing via advertisements, shop operators only have to spend money if they have earned money themselves or if a desired action has been carried out.

This makes affiliate marketing a low-risk marketing opportunity not only for affiliates but also for vendors.